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Titanium Taste
Palama Traditional Cheese Factory

Model cheese company in Palamas, Karditsa that processes milk from its own farms.

Local milk of Karditsa and pure ingredients compose the recipe for success.

Feta Cheese, Goat Cheese, sheep yogurt, vanilla cream, chocolate cream, rice milk, jeros, cream cheese and mizithra are some of our products that stand out for their quality and their unique taste that reminds something of tradition and purity of earlier times.

The products of the traditional Palama Cheese Factory give another value to your table.

Our products:

- Feta
- Goat cheese
- Galotyri
- Anthotyro
- Myzithra
- Graviera
- Sheep Yogurt
- Vanilla cream
- Chocolate cream
- Rice pudding
- Sheep Sausage
- Chicken Sausage
- Sheep Sausage with Leek
- Sheep Sausage with Hot Leek